Current Projects

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  • Bens School

    LCA are working in Bens School in Nellore town to support 20 underprivileged children to have English medium education at this Christian run school.

  • Carmel Ministries

    Church planting in the underdeveloped villages of A.P and Telangana is what we are specifically concentrating on which also includes other projects alongside.

Dear Friend
During these challenging times, we at LCA are praying that this year will see better days ahead for you and your family. Many we know have found the last few weeks very difficult and our thoughts are with you all.
Over the past 3 months Andhra Pradesh & Telangana have seen the effects of Covid-19 decrease as the numbers of cases have declined. On the other hand, they are living with unknown diseases & viruses which have caused health concerns. Over the Christmas period, food and clothing was distributed by Carmel Ministries & New Life Disabled to widows, needy children, the homeless, leprosy & HIV families.
The Church in Andhra Pradesh has recently been experiencing an increase in opposition to its activities. Christians are blamed wrongly for damage purposely done to temples by extremists. Home groups, gospel rallies, tract distribution, and use of PA systems can be …

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