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Deepika’ Story:

Deepika’s parents are both alive but she was living with her Uncle.

The parents were daily wage workers but her mother became severely sick, and had to undergo operations for stomach tumours.

She was not able to work anymore which led to a financial crisis, and both attempted to commit suicide.

They were rescued by neighbours but ever since they have been mentally ill, and not recovered.

Deepika continued to live with her Uncle’s family but earlier this year was found at a small street restaurant as a child labourer, cleaning the vessels.

A Government official found her, and requested Pastor Ebenezer of Carmel Ministries to take her into their Children’s Home.

Through one of LCA’s supporting family’s she has been brought to the home and settling in nicely.

Deepika is 7 years old, and for the first time able to regularly attend school which is run by Carmel Ministries.

She has been rescued from a life unfit for a child, and now has the promise of a bright future ahead of her.