Our team

<span>Oliver</span> Hakim

Oliver Hakim

<span>Tom</span> Moore

Tom Moore

<span>Jean</span> Samuel

Jean Samuel

Friends Manager
<span>Shalini</span> Prabhudas

Shalini Prabhudas

Assistant Friends Manager
<span>Akhtar</span> Samuel

Akhtar Samuel

Board Member
<span>Richard</span> Cholawo

Richard Cholawo

<span>Onkar</span> Singh

Onkar Singh

Project & Ministry Director
<span>Monica</span> Cholawo

Monica Cholawo

Children's Project Manager
<span>James</span> Hakim

James Hakim

Website Developer
<span>Johannes</span> Gleede

Johannes Gleede

Board Member

A bit about Love and Compassion in Action

Love and Compassion in Action (LCA) commenced work over 12 years ago, in 2004. God gave Akhtar and Jean Samuel a clear vision to build churches in India.


They commenced work with individual savings and contributions from local churches and friends in the UK.


Through the churches that were built in India, the surrounding villages were developed.


Bore wells were dug to provide the villages with clean drinking water, underprivileged children have been encouraged and helped to attend school, disabled people were operated upon, self sufficiency projects were started to place people on their own feet, relief was provided to drought stricken areas and a lot more.


As more and more people joined in to support this work, the voluntary group expanded and is now a registered charity in the UK. Today, the charity is run by a small group of Christians who have volunteered to support and pray for the various projects in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.


We rely entirely on funds that we receive as voluntary donations from our supporters.


We believe that God has called us to support our brothers and sisters in need and we invite you to participate in this cause.

"Caring for the poor, the disabled, providing medical aid, education and drinking water in needy areas"