Ministry Statement/Policy

LCA’s vision is to encourage & help the village schedule caste & tribal folk of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, India out of poverty & into a better standard of life. To assist in this a number of projects take place – construction of worship/community centres, & bore wells, help with children’s schooling, food & clothing, & further education for adults. Medical aid is given, especially to disabled young people suffering from post-polio disabilities, cerebral palsy, congenital abnormalities, and such like. Along with these we plan a programme to help villagers become self-sufficient.

It is an Independent Non-profitable Christian Registered Charity with its headquarters in London, UK.

LCA requires accountability, records, and regular updates as to how the finances are used. Whilst LCA does not see its role as being involved with the day to day management of the organisation/ministry it is supporting, it does however become actively involved in the major decisions on projects which it funds.

It is free to support through prayer and finances any ministry in India at the discretion of the LCA Board members.

LCA will look at applications for financial support but as it is only a small organisation, made up of a few people voluntarily offering their time, it has very limited resources.

Regular visits are made to the projects by Board members to see the progress, motivate, & assess future needs.

Updated September 2018