Covid-19 Appeal


Your support will help many people receive much-needed food and PPE in villages and towns in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

Dear friend,

Will you help us raise £5,000 to help people affected by coronavirus in some of the poorest areas of South India.

At this time of great worry and uncertainty for us all, I sincerely hope that you and your loved ones are in good health.

As I am sure you appreciate, as a charity that exists to help people living in poverty, we are enormously concerned about the impact the coronavirus is having and will continue to have on vulnerable people who do not have access to adequate healthcare or indeed, in many cases, health advice and information. In particular, we are currently seeing the virus take hold amongst communities we work with in South East India. Our partners say they are struggling to support so many people.

Andhra Pradesh has 27,235 confirmed cases, according to the Indian Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, reporting on the 12th July, with 309 deaths, against 4,851 confirmed cases and 75 deaths reported on the 9th June. Telangana has 33,402 confirmed cases, with 348 deaths, against 3,742 confirmed cases, with 286 deaths, pertaining to the same dates. However, these figures are only the recorded cases.

To help protect those communities, we are currently assisting our partners on the ground, sending much needed funds for food, and Personal Protection Equipment.

Inevitably, these new interventions will place a considerable strain on our resources which is why I am turning to you, as a generous and compassionate supporter of Love and Compassion in Action, today. I know that at the moment your greatest concern will be for your loved ones, but I do hope you are in a position to help people who have so few resources of their own with which to mitigate the inevitable impact of the virus.

Please will you consider helping us step up our efforts to protect people in India through this incredibly difficult period.

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The global nature of this terrible pandemic is a humbling reminder of our common humanity and vulnerability. That is why I am determined we must continue to be there for the families and communities we work with over the weeks and months to come, when they may need us more than ever before.

Thank you so much for anything you are able to give.

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Thank you so much.

Robert Maudling

(Fundraiser LCA)